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Injection And Compression Moulding

Injection Moulding

Procom Plastics is an Australian owned and operated Company, based in Melbourne, providing excellent service and quality products.

Our Injection Moulding facility houses machinery with capacities ranging from 50 Tons to 178 Tons utilising all forms of engineering thermoplastic material which include PP, PE, ABS, ASA, Nylon, Acrylic, PC and Acetal.

We are a custom moulder and manufacturer for small, large or stock product items and supply a variety of industries which include Building, Electrical, Packaging, Engineering, Medical, Food Handling, Agriculture and consumer applications.

Injection Moulding

Compression Moulding

Compression Moulding

Our Compression Moulding facility houses machinery with capacities up to 40 Tons utilising Phenolic Moulding Compound (Bakelite) and supply to industries such as Electrical, Engineering, Building and Automotive.

Moulding Services:

  • New Products
  • Custom
  • Assembly & Packaging
  • Tooling Support Services
  • Pad Printing

Yes We Do Custom Designs - To Fulfil Your Requirements

At Procom we take your idea from concept to design through to manufacture – with quality & service you can count on.

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Injection moulding is a widely used manufacturing and mass production process capable of producing thousands or even millions of the same part. A wide array of materials can be used as raw materials for the injection moulding process, the most common being thermoplastic and thermosetting polymers. Majority of the plastic products that we use every day are made by injection moulding, these products can range from something as small as a bottle cap to much larger parts such as panels for cars. Injection moulded parts are ejected from the mould with a finished appearance and as such requires little to no work after the production. The injection moulding process is extremely efficient and environmentally friendly, any excess or scrap plastic can be reground and reused resulting in little to no waste.

Advantages of Injection moulding.

  • Produces a large volume of parts at low cost
  • Plastic parts can be moulded from thousands of different resins depending on your needs
  • Produces exceptional surface quality and dimensional characteristics
  • Tools are sturdy and can last for millions of cycles
  • Produces a consistent end product

Due to customer demand, Procom is now introducing injection moulding into our manufacturing facility. We have recently purchased five new machines for the production of small to medium sized parts. Along with the new machines, we have hired experienced injection moulding operators to maintain the high-quality standards our customers have come to know from us. Procom can also create custom designs if you have an idea for a plastic part our experienced design team will help you choose the correct material, shape and colour for your specific needs. Once you’re happy with the designs we can make a prototype using our 3D printer which we will then test. When testing is complete we will develop the tool and begin injection moulding your product.